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Screen Printing


When it comes to apparel printing, screen printing is the industry standard for superior quality. Most graphic tees sold in major retail stores have been screen printed. The process is designed to make garments bold in appearance yet cost effective at the same time.

Today, screen printing is accomplished by making a mesh stencil (called a screen) for each color that needs to be printed. Screens must be lined up (or registered) and printed on test sheets to ensure that all of the colors line up correctly. Inks are then pushed through the screens one color at a time onto the apparel. Finally, each piece is run through a large dryer to cure the inks. From 1 to 100k prints, we can fulfill your printing needs. 

Sublimation Printing


We offer

Plastisol Ink Printing


  • The Basics: A plastic based ink made for apparel. This is a cheaper ink, is the industry standard and makes for thick prints.
  • How It Works: The soft plastisol ink lays directly on the fabric, covering the shirt with a layer of the graphic.
  • Longevity: Plastisol ink prints do eventually break down. A break down usually results in a cracked, peeled or a flaked graphic on the shirt.
  • Brightness: Plastisol ink prints are bright and true to the design.
  • Feel: Plastisol ink prints feel thick, heavy and do not allow any breathability.
  • Ease of Use: Plastisol inks were chemically formed to be highly easy to use for screen printers. The compounds allow for the plastisol inks to last indefinitely and coat any shirt.

Water Based Ink


  • The Basics: A high end ink made for super soft shirts (commonly used in retail printing).
  • How It Works: The ink dyes the garment directly, literally removing the color of the shirt and replacing it with the color of the image.
  • Longevity: Water based prints last as long as the garment does.
  • Brightness: Water based prints are bright and true. Pending your choice of shirt and color, certain fabric dyes will react differently to water based inks.
  • Feel: The water based print is super soft, breathable and literally a part of the garment. After the first wash, the print is unable to be felt on the shirt.
  • Ease of Use: Water based ink is a higher quality ink that takes significant training to use. Due to the ink dying the shirt, water based screen printers need to have significant knowledge on fabric types and ink reaction.

Discharge Ink


Discharge printing is a screen printing process where the same techniques and equipment are used but instead of normal ink, discharge inks are used, which remove the shirt’s dye instead of putting a color on top of the shirt. It is somewhat similar to bleaching in a design, except it doesn’t damage the fibers like bleaching would. It results in an extremely soft print, and shows the weave of the shirt. It can be used by itself, as an underbase for other colors to be put on top, or with pigments added. Pigmenting discharge can be difficult to achieve exact color results, as the discharge efficacy affects the color, and what you see is not what you get when mixing the pigments, but it can still be a great way to achieve colors on dark garments.

  • Very cool technique that removes the dye from the shirt
  • Little to no feeling of the print on the shirt
  • Vibrant colors
  • The best way to print on dark shirts with non-traditional inks
  • Something different from screen printing “norms”
  • Still able to do a great amount of detail
  • We offer discharge printing at no additional charge. In fact, it’s often cheaper than traditional ink because it takes less layers